Friday, January 26, 2018

Jungle survival kit list item

One very useful thing that I carry when I go out in the jungle is alcohol wipes. They are dual purpose: first aid and fire starting. Being alcohol, a spark landing on the pad will immediately start a fire. To get two uses out of it takes a little bit of planning. If you're about to start a fire, but also have some scratches or other types of injuries. Prep everything first, so that you can act quickly. Use the alcohol wipe on your wound, then immediately put it down in the fire area. The alcohol evaporates quickly and some of the alcohol will be used up on the wound. There will still be a sufficient amount of alcohol if you do it quickly. The nice thing about carrying these is that they are cheap and flat, so they pack nicely. Carry a few of them. They don't weigh anything nor take up much room. Jungle survival Survival kit Survival program

Jungle survival kit
Jungle survival kit item for first aid and fire starting 

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