Friday, August 25, 2017

Thailand Camping Trip on a Creek

When the dry season arrives (November through April), we'll offer a two-day jungle hike in Phang Nga Province that includes camping by a lovely creek. There will be jungle survival skills training included if you wish. 

There is a LOT of wild edible food in the jungle here, so we'll sample things that are not rare (that are common and wouldn't be harmful to the environment to take).

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Thailand jungle hiking tour
Easy hiking along a beautiful jungle creek

Trekking in Thailand
There are some parts of the creek that you hike around.

Trekking in Thailand jungle
Easy trekking on a lovely jungle creek

Thailand wild edible fruit Ma Fai
Ma Fai edible jungle fruit

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Paul Coletti said...

Awesome, cannot wait till my boys are older to come and visit!