Saturday, June 24, 2017

Wild Edible Plants - Tamarind

Something that is available all the time in this region is Tamarind leaves. I like the very young light bright green leaves, but the older leaves are also edible. The leaves are quite 'tangy', which is likely because these leaves are loaded with Vitamin C. You can crush the leaves and put them on a wound. The leaves have antiseptic properties. In addition, Tamarind leaves are good to apply on tooth aches and mouth sores. If you find a Tamarind tree, which is quite easy to do, give these leaves a try. They're quite tasty. If you're in a coastal survival situation and you've found some shells (Limpets, black Mangrove Snails, etc) or some crabs, add a few Tamarind leaves to make a nice sour seafood soup.

Tamarind leaves are edible
Hands-free dining on wild edibles. 

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