Sunday, March 19, 2017

Benefits of eating scorpions

Scorpions tend to have twice the protein content of their relatives, the crabs, but there are some negatives with consuming scorpions. The have tannin and phytate. Both tannin and phytate are water soluble, so boiling the scorpion, then pouring off the water solves that issue. This, however, also gets rid of any water soluble nutrients.

Phytic acid is claim by some scientists to inhibit the absorption of certain minerals, namely calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, manganese, and chromium. Other scientists claim this to be pure myth based on the fact that humans do produce the enzyme phytase, though the amount varies in individuals, so some folks could have issues while others not.
Some species of scorpions have calcium oxalate. This is not water soluble. In high enough amounts, the calcium oxalate crystals can end up causing kidney issues in the form of stones.

In a survival situation, this is somewhat a moot point as the benefits of eating overrule this downside and it's not like you're going to feast on them.
A very positive aspect of eating scorpions is the calories that they offer. 100 grams offers over 300 kcal of vital energy for your body.

benefits of eating scorpions
Eating scorpions in a survival situation