Saturday, September 24, 2016

Thailand jungle trekking tours to Khao Sok National Park

Arguably the best place to go trekking in Thailand is Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand. There are quite a few trails in the national park, but our favorite excursions involve hiking up creeks.

Creeks allow access deep into the tropical jungle.  Even when the water is a bit high, this is easy going.  Once deep in the jungle, you can do little side trails to explore.

Paddle Asia has been going to Khao Sok since the early '90s.  We love exploring off the beaten path destinations and Khao Sok is ideal for this. The park is huge.  There are dozens upon dozens of creeks to explore, mountains to climb, and even though there aren't really a lot of well-marked trails, we're experts at making out way off-trail.  That is what sets us apart. Navigating through the thick, verdant tropical jungle without getting lost is our forte.  In addition to seeing old-growth jungle on these hikes, you'll be treated to learning about wild edible plants.  It's a 'full package' experience hiking in the jungle with our guides.

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Thailand jungle trekking
Thailand jungle trekking tours in Khao Sok National Park

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