Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Phang Nga Bay Cave

Kayaking into the popular caves in Phang Nga Bay can be a wonderful experience, but it has become overly popular.  The popular caves are often crowded as there are dozens of mass tourism tour operators that visit every single day.

Luckily, you can visit Phang Nga Bay caves without seeing the thundering masses with Paddle Asia.  Our goal is to visit the natural wonders sans the crowds.

We kayak to a cave on our unique Phang Nga Bay day trip and we visit another cave on our multi-day adventures.

If you want an intimate experience with a limestone cave in the bay, Paddle Asia is your absolute best option.

Additionally, we have the only fleet of proper sit-inside (decked) kayaks.  All other tour operators use sit-on-top kayaks or inflatable canoes.  Some now have a few sit-inside kayaks, but that's our specialty and we have a massive fleet of them!

Phang Nga Bay cave
Phang Nga Bay cave kayaking tour

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