Friday, May 27, 2016

Mobile Phone GPS apps

I've downloaded two paid-version navigation apps. One is Backcountry Navigator and the other is GPS Essentials. Both are quite versatile and easy to use. Both offer offline navigation, acting on satellites just like a standard GPS unit (no internet needed)
Backcountry Navigator was 419 Baht (US$12)
GPS Essentials (donation plugin) was 177.96 Baht (US$5)…

I used Backcountry Navigator on an actual route once a couple of days ago. It was easy to use and highly accurate. I checked it against Google Earth when I got home and it was actually more accurate on the placement of the track as it related to the road I was on.

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dave williams said...

I deleted Backcountry Navigator. The map options for Thailand are bleak and GPS Essentials is easier to use. Backcountry Navigator would be good if you lived in the US or Europe probably.