Monday, October 26, 2015

Cooking in bamboo

Bamboo is wonderful. It can be used for almost everything you do in a camp. We regularly cook rice or fish in bamboo. You can stick it directly into the fire.

We're cooking rice (wrapped in leaves) and boiling water for coffee in these pics.  Dried bamboo is also superb for both starting a fire and for keeping it going. OK, it doesn't burn for a long time like some wood, but it will burn long enough to boil water and cook skewered chicken.

Put the bamboo directly into the fire.
If it's full of water it won't burn.

Splitting green bamboo to make spoons and bowls

Boiling nicely... just about ready

Rice cooked to perfect in bamboo

Bamboo chopsticks... only took a couple of minutes to make these

Coffee in a bamboo cup.

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