Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Wild edible sprouts

This is a young Pandanus sprout.  When a plant is in the sprout stage it has the highest nutritional value. Not only are the vitamin and mineral contents higher, but the enzymes can be up to 100 times higher in certain plants at certain times.  Conservatively, any plant in the sprout stage will have between 10 - 30 times the nutritional value as it would when it's mature.

The best way to eat this particular young Pandanus is to cut or pull it away from the seed and eat the base of the plant. That's where most of the nutrients are located and that where you'll get the most sugar (carbs) as well.

This particular example is actually past the sprouting stage, but it's not far past, so it'll have more value now than later.

Pandanus sprout
Sprouted Pandanus: wild edible plant

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