Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wild Edible Plant: Pandanus amaryllifolius

Pandanus amaryllifolius leaves (bai toey in Thai) are common in Thai markets.  This popular plant actually sells out quickly most of the time as it's so prized. The leaves can be boiled to make a lovely sweet tea. A extract is made from the leaves to put in candies and sweet bread-type snacks. You can also wrap meats in these leaves when grilling to add flavor. 

Nutritionally, there is some carbohydrate value, some C complex, some B vitamins, and it has antioxidant properties.

Though cultivated in some areas, this is a wild native plant.  It grows in abundance in moist area, especially around water.  This photo is from Khao Sok National Park.

In a survival situation, adding some leaves to your boiled water adds some carbs and it also makes it taste better, thus helping your morale.

Pandanus amaryllifolius
Pandanus amaryllifolius from Khao Sok National Park

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