Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Survival gear: slingshot

As there are so many plants and insects available in a tropical jungle survival situation, hunting animals is generally not necessary. However, if you have sufficient water and have enough energy through the plants and insects that you're finding and would like to supplement your food intake with some additional protein (though generally not necessary), one cheap and easy thing to carry in your jungle survival kit is a slingshot.

I only carry the rubber and the pouch as it is very easy to design the wooden part from natural materials.

With a slingshot, you can hunt lizards and other reptiles, birds, and perhaps some small animals such as rodents.

The only other hunting gear I would use is stuff that I could make: a spear and a long thin (preferably tapered) switch that I use for killing grasshoppers, cicadas, and other insects. Sometimes a lizard can be killed using a switch.

Slingshot rubber and pouch for survival hunting. Put a few
small cable ties in your survival kit to construct the slingshot.
Cable ties are useful in other situations and they don't take
up much room.

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