Saturday, September 26, 2015

Fire starter tree resin

Dipterocarp and a couple of other tree species offer resin which will stay lit for a long time. This is very useful when trying to get a fire going in wet or moist conditions.  

If you don't know which resins light, just try a variety and try to remember what that tree looks like.  You don't really have to know the species. 
Dipterocarp tree sap for fire starter
Exposed tree resin... try it.  It will either burn or it won't. 

Tree resin for starting fires
Some tree resin will stay lit for a long time.
This will greatly add in getting a fire going in wet conditions.


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Normally, I do use waterproof matches whenever I go out camping or hiking, but I have never tried tree resin. I will certainly use resin to start a fire whenever I am camping or hiking. Apart from Dipterocarp, do you have any other suggestions? If you opt to use a fire starter, then check out unique products here: