Friday, June 6, 2014

Creek Trekking, easy access through the thick tropical jungle

There is no shortage of lovely little creeks in Southern Thailand. They offer a fun and generally easy way to access otherwise difficult jungle.

In Phang Nga Province, we've got several creek hikes. There are small waterfall encounters from time to time. Some of the more formidable ones usually have an optional way around via the jungle. Some of the waterfalls are quite climbable.

We don't take risks unless they are calculated in our favor and all safety precautions are in place. Several of our treks are extremely easy.

The other nice thing about hiking in creeks is that the riparian region (near water) tends to have the most biodiversity.
Thailand image caterpillar
Really pretty caterpillars... that we didn't touch.

Phang Nga jungle trekking image
Really comfortable and easy hiking through a beautiful creek.

Thailand jungle hiking in creek
Walking sticks help a lot. I made a bunch.

Southern Thailand waterfall trekking
This is one of our favorite lunch spots.

Thailand waterfall and pool
There is an easy trail through the jungle that goes around this waterfall.

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apache trail said...

Creek Trekking is one of my favourite hobbies aside from trailing! I’m fond of being here and checking new story. I never visit Thailand and I loved to, maybe this year is a nice year to visit the beautiful place! Wonderful photos!

Miranda Farley