Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thailand Wild Fruit in the Spring

This is a wonderful time to be lost in the jungles of Southern Thailand. It's always easy to find edible plants, but during the spring months, it's easy to find very tasty fruit.
Ginger bulbs.

Lagam (in Thai)... Salacca Palm fruit

Wild Rose Apple flower. Once this falls off, the succulent fruit starts to grow.

Luk Wai (Vine Fruit). This is extremely tasty!

This fruit seldom reaches the ground in tact as monkeys absolutely love it! It tastes like orange sherbert.

Ma Fai fruit, a common fruit tree here. The fruit grows off of the trunk, making them easy to collect.

Wild Custard Apples... very sweet treats.

We have over a hundred fig (ficus) tree species here. This is one of the few that is actually edible for humans.

Very tasty vine fruit.

Luk Mak, an extremely sweet berry that is easy to gather.

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