Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stick Insect Facts

Stick insects (Phasmids) can change color to match their environment. They also change color if they eat certain plants. This particular one most likely at a plant that made the color change. 

Interesting facts: there are about 2,500 known species of stick insects in the world.

Stick Insects are parthenogenetic. That means the females doesn't need a male to lay fertile eggs. 

999 out of 1,000 stick insects are female!

Stick insects have both suckers and claws on their feet, so they can walk on vertical surfaces as well as upside down.

To see more cool insects from Thailand, go to http://thailand-adventure.com/insect-images.htm  Follow the links to many other galleries.

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Joachim Bresseel said...

Where did you find this species?

It could be a new species...